Letters From Happy Graduates


The TESOL Voyages program has effectively changed my life. I am a commercial painter by trade. My only teaching experience had been as a boxing coach and mentor for at-risk youth at my local rec center—a far cry from teaching ESL to kids who may or may not want to improve their English skills. But seeing students put in the work and then realize successful results is a feeling every educator knows and lives for. Click here to read full review. 


I had travelled through Southeast Asia with little money and a backpack after graduating from Arizona State. I was like alot students walking around with a guidebook and talking of home. When I returned home I had culture shock, I knew I still wasn’t ready for 9 to 5. I had to go back to Thailand and see if I could stay there blend in and teach English. I loved the friendliness of the people but I had to make money somehow.  Click here to read full review. 


My path to English teaching with TESOL Voyages is a little different from younger people.  I retired and moved to Ecuador. I came for the low cost of living and the climate.  I can live on my Social Security.  Click here to read full review. 




Hi, my name is Fina. I have a bachelor's degree in education. I like teaching students from different countries.  Click here to read full review.