The American English Advantage


There is no disagreement that English is the language of the future. More people now speak English as a second or even third language than as their mother tongue! Clearly, English has become the dominant language of international communication.


Although almost 70 percent of native speakers of English reside in the United States, the U.S. is not the only country that uses English. So why study American English instead of British English?


With the economic growth of the U.S. has come a steady increase in the use of American English in business communication. The heart of the world’s growing technology sector is in the Silicon Valley. With seventeen of the world's top twenty universities, the U.S. has become the destination of choice for most international students. The entrance exams for these universities all by necessity use American English. And if more and more students are choosing to study American English, teachers with a TESOL Certificate from a school in which the courses center on American English will become ever more important to language schools worldwide.


Speakers of English as a foreign language can easily understand American English, but the international economic position of the U.S. makes business communication in American English essential. The influence of social media, and other forms of technology, along with the widespread appeal of American popular culture, reinforces the choice of American English by international students.