Let TESOL Voyages launch your personal and professional journey


With English becoming the world’s most important language, trained English language teachers are in high demand everywhere. Challenging opportunities await both at home and abroad. Whether you have always planned to pursue a career in education, have a passion for helping others, or enjoy experiencing different cultures, teaching English can be the answer to your professional and personal goals!

TESOL Voyages stresses effective methods for planning and teaching successful lessons. Other programs offer hours of philosophy, language acquisition theory, and linguistic terminology. TESOL Voyages prepares you for the classroom from day one.

A Program Created by Teachers for Teachers

TESOL Voyages Certification


The TESOL Voyages Certificate Program is respected as a program focused on practical, useful skills. We teach you how to teach! TESOL Voyages trains you in both teaching skills and how to use the best current textbooks and materials to design lively, enjoyable lessons.

It’s easier than you think! The TESOL Voyages Certificate Program is a distance learning program, accessible anywhere, anytime, 24/7. You move through the comprehensive course—on your computer, laptop, or tablet at your own pace. Via email master teachers guide you through the lesson modules and will answer your questions. Short written assignments confirm your knowledge of the coursework as you progress. You will also be required to do some practice teaching, a Practicum. See our page on The Practicum for more details.


Once you pass the coursework, you will be awarded the TESOL Voyages Certificate and a Letter of Reference. Then you’ll be ready to teach English to nonnative speakers at home and abroad. We can even help you find a job!


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The Benefits of Being a Certified English Teacher

Freedom to travel:

Whether you teach in China or South Korea, the Dominican Republic, Mexico or Peru, Greece or Spain, Thailand or Vietnam or in the United States, you’ll gain money, vacation time, and a jumping-off point for further adventures.


The satisfaction of giving back:

Whether you teach English at home or abroad, you’re helping other people gain the communication skills they need—skills that can enrich their lives and improve their employment opportunities.


Communication, management, and presentation skills:

Whether you stay in teaching or eventually pursue a different career, you’ll have gained a practical understanding of people and places. You’ll be adept at communicating with people of different cultures and values and more familiar with how people of different cultures interact.


A better resume:

Every day you study and teach, you’ll be gaining invaluable new skills and experience.  


Your TESOL Voyages Certificate may be closer than you think!

User-friendly site with practical lessons

No age limit or college requirement

Open to near-native speakers

Study online from anywhere, 24/7

Move through the course as slowly or quickly as you like

Successful completion can be mere weeks away



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TESOL VOYAGES Distance-Learning Modules 


Part I:

  • Module 1: Teachers and Learners
  • Module 2: Present and Present Continuous Tense
  • Module 3: Past and Past Continuous Tense
  • Module 4: Idioms or Phrasal Verbs and Prepositions
  • Module 5: Vocabulary and Pronunciation
  • Module 6: Future and Future Continuous Tense
  • Module 7: Perfect Tenses

Part 2:

  • Module 8: Gerunds and Infinitives
  • Module 9: Comparatives and Superlatives
  • Module 10: Passive Voice and Reported Speech
  • Module 11: Receptive Skills: Reading and Listening
  • Module 12: Productive Skills: Writing and Speaking
  • Module 13: Teaching Techniques and Classroom Management

Part 3:

  • Module 14: Lesson Planning
  • Module 15: Practicum: Practice Teaching and Professional Observation


Practicum Waiver:

We encourage everyone to take the Practicum part of the course, to gain important practice-teaching experience. But you can apply for a waiver, if you have…


  • Classroom teaching experience, at home or abroad
  • Military teaching and training experience
  • Experience teaching other subjects or other languages


To get credit for that experience, you must…

  • Provide supporting information or documents
  • Complete our waiver form


Practicum Postponement:

In some cases, candidates for the TESOL Voyages Certificate can be awarded a certificate after completing the written work. For example, you may need more time to arrange a practice-teaching situation, or Practicum. Or you may have a teaching position waiting and need to be on your way. If you are already teaching, you can document your Practicum teaching experience at that school.

Any candidate who requests a postponement will have six months in which to complete the Practicum. A final TESOL Voyages Certificate will be issued on successful completion of the Practicum.



  • TESOL Voyages was created by teachers for teachers, and our team has over 20 years experience training teachers to be effective and successful.
  • The lessons teach you how to teach, not discuss linguistics.
  • The lesson modules feature conversation and lesson plans.
  • The program recommends the best backup texts and materials.
  • The program consists of one essential course, not a smorgasbord of offerings.
  • The lessons and materials have been tested and proven successful.

    YES, a candidate with good grammar skills and previous classroom teaching experience can finish the 120 hours of coursework and practicum, and receive a TESOL Voyages Certificate in a few weeks!