Step by Step Guide to
TESOL Voyages Certification


We are currently running our Quick Start Special for 30 days only! Pay the $99 Application fee and start your course today! Pay the full course fee of $200 when you earn your Certificate!

That’s right you begin the course for only $99 and pay the remaining course fee of $200---when you complete the course and get your certificate.


1.  Complete our online Application and submit your $99 application fee. Use Paypal or credit card.

 2. We will review your application within 48 hours. You will be officially registered and sent information with your login and password for the Student Portal. Through the Student Portal you will have access to all course materials and you can begin.

3. If you are a non-native speaker of English you will need to document your English ability with one of the following: 

  • a copy of a recognized test score

  • a certification by a teacher or administrator from your school or university

  • a scheduled telephone interview with a TESOL Voyages administrator.

4. You will need to agree to the TESOL Voyages Participation Agreement to complete enrollment. Then, when you complete the course successfully you pay the Quick Start Special tuition of $200 and receive your certificate! We have that much confidence in you!

You will have your TESOL Voyages Certificate for only $299—a $500 value!

5. If you are not waiving or postponing your Practicum experience, you should begin to prepare for your practicum, making arrangements while doing the coursework. If you wish to waive your Practicum, fill out and submit our Practicum Waiver Form with supporting documents.

6.  If you don’t yet have a job in hand, it might be time to begin thinking about job offerings online. There are dozens of sites we list and thousands of offerings. You should prepare a wish list of the countries you prefer and the types of schools that fit your interests. We have guides to help you with your resume and search.