TESOL Voyages Grading Policy


Satisfactory Academic Progress is required in order to be awarded The TESOL Certificate.


TESOL Voyages uses the following grading policy for our course.

Grade Equivalent GPA Equivalent % 


A                             4.0                   90 – 100 

B                             3.0                   80 – 89 

C                             2.0                   70 – 79 

D                             1.0                   60 – 69 

F                             0.0                   Below 60 

I                              Incomplete 

W                           Withdrawal (without credit) 


Evaluation will be based on the following: 


(a)  Grading of written assignments. 

(b)  Evaluation of teaching Practicum. 


Students must a minimum score of 80% on all written assignments and teaching practicum.


Those students with less than 80% overall or an Incomplete grade will have six months to repeat the Course work or Practicum to raise their scores.


TESOL Voyages will offer a personal preparation course for $100.