Your Practicum

The TESOL Voyages 120-hour course is divided into the following sections:


80 hours COURSEWORK: 
Study of the Modules, 4 submitted Essay Test Questions, 2 submitted Lesson Plans.


40 hours PRACTICUM: 
8 hours observation of a master teacher; submission of master teacher observation essay;
24 hours of study, preparation and lesson planning for student teaching/practicum; 8 hours of student teaching/practicum; submission of 2, 15-minute teaching videos.


Here are the details: 


In order to complete the Practicum component of the TESOL Voyages Certificate Program, you must observe an experienced teacher or teachers for a minimum of 8 hours. A letter from a school administrator or teacher will document this part of your training.


You are required to teach a minimum of 8 hours. While the class could consist of either an individual or a small group, we feel that teaching a group is more beneficial, since it will better indicate your skills to school administrators. Then you will need to submit TWO 15-minute videos from a portion of two separate English lessons, out of your 8 hours. Once you upload the videos to your Student Portal on the TESOL Voyages website, your master teacher will critique your lesson plans and teaching, applaud your strengths, and offer advice on where and how to improve.

We anticipate that it will take you roughly 24 hours to prepare for teaching your 8 hours: studying, creating lesson plans, and creating two 15-minute videos.

Practicing with real students provides an opportunity to apply the lessons you’re learning with TESOL Voyages to real-life classroom situations. Practical experience rewards your preparation and helps develop your professional style. It is an essential element in developing confidence.

You may choose to redo one of your videos. Your best one will become an important part of your application for a teaching position.


Planning a Practicum in Your Community


While you can finish the Practicum before you complete the TESOL Voyages program we recommend waiting until you have completed more than half the course modules to take full advantage of the program.


It is your responsibility to arrange your Practicum experience. You can find student-teaching opportunities in your area by doing a web search for English-language classes. Many organizations offer such classes to nonnative speakers: private language schools, ethnic community centers, community colleges, local libraries, churches, or synagogues, and more.


In addition, you may find nonnative English speakers to whom you can offer one-on-one tutoring, perhaps through a site such as Craigslist. You may even decide to volunteer on a more regular basis to gain more experience.


Since an evaluation of your Practicum will become part of your TESOL Voyages Certificate Program, we recommend finding a good local ESL/EFL teacher to guide you during your student teaching or tutoring. We, of course, are always ready to help.









Practicum Waiver


Those who have prior teaching experience can waive the Practicum. We’ll include that experience in your transcript. It may include…


  • Applicable teaching experience at home or abroad

  • Relevant military instruction

  • Volunteer teaching


Go to our Practicum Waiver page for our application and more information.


You can do your Practicum 
in Shanghai, China.
Job placement in China too!

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