Staff Bios


Meet Jerry







Jerry Stark

President, TESOL Voyages, LLC

A VW van was the best way to find a teaching job in Europe. You could mail letters by the dozens and rarely get an answer. Overseas telephone calls were expensive. Only big companies had telex machines, and who knew how to send a telex anyway?     Read more...



Meet Jane




Jane Elin, M.Ed.

Head Teacher, TESOL Voyages LLC

Teaching has been my calling for a long time. It started in the world of dance and theater, where I spent many years as a performer, choreographer, and teacher. I was fortunate that my very supportive parents enabled me to study with some of the finest classical, modern, and ethnic dancers in the world. Our family lived in New Jersey, very close to Manhattan, and the countless wonders of cultural diversity and the arts were a big part of our lives. Lucky me!    Read more...