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A. Personal Information

B. Educational Background

Degree Earned* Institution Name Date of Completion Major or Field of Study Address

C. Language Background

1.List the languages you know. For each language, indicate your proficiency level by choosing one of the options in the table. In order to choose the most accurate option, please refer to the descriptors below the chart.

Language Reading Writing Speaking Listening


Have a native-like fluency and operational command. The level of oral communication, writing and reading skills are fully accepted by educated native speakers in all of their features, including vocabulary, structure, idiom, and relevant cultural references.


Have advanced knowledge of vocabulary, and grammatical patterns, and can operate in all skills easily. Errors occur while producing the language, but can function in unfamiliar contexts with skill.


Can use the language adequately in work, social, and travel contexts but makes frequent errors, a few of which impede meaning and require rephrasing. There is little or no familiarity with language varieties.


Able to satisfy minimal travel needs and courtesy requirements, can interact and read passages on very familiar topics with limited vocabulary. Can produce simple short statements and answers.

D. Teaching Experience

If you have not had any teaching experience put NA or "not applicable" in the subjects/courses box.

Subject/Course Level(elementary,secondary,post-secondary) Employer Address Date Started & Ended

E. Other Job Experiences

List any employment or volunteer work that is helpful to your being a teacher.

Position Responsibility Institution Address Date Started & Ended

F. Please answer the following questions:

1. Are you intrested in taking a teaching position abroad?

2. When are you available to begin teaching?

3. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? if yes explain.

4. What other countries would you consider?

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