Why Teach Abroad with TESOL Voyages?


TESOL Voyages is dedicated to both providing TESOL certification and placing ESL/English teachers in good positions abroad. We've been there ourselves. "By teachers for teachers" is our theme. We are TESOL teachers too, so we know the profession first hand. We deal with individuals, not numbers.


If you are already an experienced teacher, it may not be necessary to go through our TESOL certification program. We find the best teachers available for the best positions possible. Because we don't have to fill thousands of slots a year, we can be selective.


As a professional prepared to teach abroad, we know your dedication. We understand your concerns. We know that you deserve respect from the students, administration, and staff of the school you join. We also know that teaching overseas is one of the most interesting, exciting, and enjoyable experiences a person can have.


We work hard for our candidates and our schools to ensure the best teaching experience possible.


Teaching overseas is great! We are there for you!


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