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My path to English teaching with TESOL Voyages is a little different from younger people.  I retired and moved to Ecuador. I came for the low cost of living and the climate.  I can live on my Social Security.


If you've never been to Ecuador, you don't know what you're missing. It's one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has great climate ringed by the snowcapped Andes peaks, you can enjoy the best examples of Spanish colonial architecture.


Of course you mix with the locals at the markets and in the square over time. After my neighbors saw me around town I would be asked if I could teach their children English. English can be a ticket to success and mothers can be persistent.


I refused at first saying I wasn’t a teacher. One mother at the market, who’s young daughter helped out some days, started giving me low prices and extra vegetables. Finally, I set up a little class at my house, once a week. I had eight children of mixed ages! But I had few materials. I felt at a loss and really not much help to anyone. I refused to take money but in the meantime the mothers would come and take turns cleaning my house and another would buy food at the market and prepare a nice dinner for me while I taught. It was embarrassing so I looked around for help and found TESOL Voyages. 


TESOL Voyages promised and delivered personalized instruction.  What I was learning I could put to work in the same week.  I felt much better about myself.  I now have my TESOL Certificate proudly hanging on my wall.


Thank you Jerry and Jane for taking a personal interest in my situation. Your help was invaluable. I am sending a friend to your course soon. She’s tired of playing cards with expats.


Best,  Loretta