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The TESOL Voyages program has effectively changed my life. I am a commercial painter by trade. My only teaching experience had been as a boxing coach and mentor for at-risk youth at my local rec center—a far cry from teaching ESL to kids who may or may not want to improve their English skills. But seeing students put in the work and then realize successful results is a feeling every educator knows and lives for.


The difference between coaching and teaching is that the students being coached generally want to improve. A teacher friend of mine once told me, “Anyone can coach; try teaching something they don’t enjoy.” It made me think. Could I translate my coaching ability to teaching in a classroom? I became intrigued by the possibilities and began searching for local ESL programs online when I came upon TESOL Voyages.


When I began reviewing the lessons, I found them incredibly easy to digest. What most surprised me was how thorough the lessons were. It seemed every question I might have had would be answered in the following sentence or paragraph. The lessons are easy to understand and are written with the lay person in mind. Anyone can understand the material as it is presented. Even though I qualified for a Practicum waiver, I thought it best to be evaluated by a formal educator and was pleased with the critiques and suggestions.


I have been certified now and have received numerous responses to my job inquiries. Finding a position does not appear to be difficult even for a brand-new ESL teacher like myself. TESOL Voyages walked me through every process to this point, and I could not be more pleased with the results. I would strongly recommend the TESOL Voyages program to anyone like myself with a teaching bug and a desire to realize their teaching potential.


Dennis Lawlor
TESOL Voyages graduate, 2016