Jane Elin, M.Ed.

Head Teacher, TESOL Voyages LLC


Teaching has been my calling for a long time. It started in the world of dance and theater, where I spent many years as a performer, choreographer, and teacher. I was fortunate that my very supportive parents enabled me to study with some of the finest classical, modern, and ethnic dancers in the world. Our family lived in New Jersey, very close to Manhattan, and the countless wonders of cultural diversity and the arts were a big part of our lives. Lucky me!


I earned a bachelors degree in dance and eventually decided to get a masters degree in education. After that, my career as a teacher and educational consultant soared. Along the way, I taught children grades kindergarten through high school as well as adults at the university level. Full immersion in the world of education!


Eventually, I was hired by Very Special Arts in Vermont and Washington D.C. to facilitate the Alvin Ailey New Visions Dance Project, which offered performing arts experiences to students of all ages with a range of disabilities. My role included teaching, teacher training and curriculum development. After several years I was hired to write a college textbook, Re-envisioning Dance: Perceiving the Aesthetics of Disability, and presented workshops at conferences all over the country. I became a professor of teacher education and dance/performing arts at colleges and universities in Vermont, and also worked for the state government on standards and assessment development for the arts in public schools. Life was full and rich!


Eventually, I moved to California, continued to work in education administration at the University of California at Berkeley, and developed an administrative-consultancy business, Dragonfly Virtual Associates. But, I missed the classroom and love teaching! So I decided to move into the world of ESL.


I joined a teacher-training program in San Francisco and got my TESOL certificate. The program had some good points, but I could see there was more to learn and better ways of teaching it. Once I began teaching, I could see how much improvement was needed in the way ESL programs were being handled. And once I began hiring teachers myself, I saw the shortcomings in their training.


I met Jerry while I was head teacher at an ESL school in San Francisco, and he understood my critique of ESL teaching-training programs. After many long conversations about what worked and what was needed, we created TESOL Voyages. I think we offer the best and most practical way of earning a TESOL certificate, and with personalized service, available.


I’ve been a teacher a long time. I’ve helped countless teachers become the best they can be. I hope you will join us at TESOL Voyages for a great learning experience!